Two Guys One King's Cup (Ft. Wondermere)

from by King's Cup

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Well these weeks I've got no sleep with the way that I've been living
cause I've been up all night taking mushrooms in the kitchen
and the sinks full of dishes from all the chemicals we're mixing
and I'm trying not to listen but I still hear you bitching
about your empty bank account as reality grows distant
then it only takes an instant till I question my existence
cause is this the business where art gets dangerous?
nah in this job you have to suck dick to get famous
cause it aint the way the game is pulling chicks and getting hell rich
unless you win a contest for triple j's playlist
every day the same shit I wake up feeling anxious
I'm hungry cold and poor I spend my days getting wasted
and basically just blatantly hating on the government
I got the cook book but the book cooked my oven
and I'm sick of all these rappers who take themselves so serious
chill man and come and have a beer with us
and now when I think back to my high school days
with my high school mates and the blunts we blazed
and the months and days huffing shit and drink driving
and I still dont even have my license
but I since realised that those days are beautiful
rippin bucket bongs and fucked on pharmaceuticals
sipping mushroom tea in public toilet cubicals
stealing from Coles just became the usual
way to get paid to get laid to get blazed spend the days in a haze with my criminal ways
cause when the sun goes down I'm jumping your fence
and I'm stealing all that shit in your garden shed cause I'm hard on the rent just living at my mums house
trying to kill time smoking blunts with a 40oz
maybe that it's time I get looking for a job soon
I know the whole back catalogue of redtube


from Bob's Your Uncool, released November 27, 2013



all rights reserved


King's Cup Melbourne, Australia

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